Needle Felted Elephant Sculpture - 100% Wool

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Needle Felted Elephant Sculpture - 100% wool

Thisneedle-felted baby elephant was created by fiber artist, Caryn Burwood, of Purple Moose Felting. He stands approximately 6" high (from the bottom of his feet to the tippy-top of his head, not including his curled up trunk) and he is approximately 10.5" long (from the front of his trunk to his rump, not including his tail.) Pillow in the first photo is not included.

For anyone not familiar with needle felting - it is a process where little bits of dyed wool are layered and sculpted into shapes using a thin, barbed needle. There is no sewing, gluing, or stuffing - it's all done by hand via hundreds of thousands of pokes with that little barbed needle. Just as a point of reference, this little elephant guy took over 40 hours to create. I watched and worked as his body (and personality) took shape, and then I "tweaked and tweaked" him, until I felt (no pun intended!) he was absolutely perfect. He is one of a kind - there will never be another exactly like him.

Note: Please keep in mind that this wool sculpture is a collectible art sculpture - it is not a "toy". Should you choose to play with it (who could resist???) please play gently!

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