Merino Prefelt

If you're not familiar with merino prefelt... it is a soft and fuzzy "fabric" made from merino wool that has only been partially felted - and so it will still respond to needling or wet felting. It is perfect for making needle felted clothes for dolls or animals, or you can use it to embellish scarves, handbags, slippers, etc. when you are wet felting and nuno felting. This prefelt wool is a medium weight fabric (about .25 ounces per 9" x 9" piece) which means it's not too thin and transparent, nor is it super thick and bulky. We love it to bits and we hope you will too!

NOTE: These pieces of prefelt are hand-cut and very stretchy, and so the dimensions are approximate. Because prefelt is not fully felted, it is not very durable - further felting is required to give it strength. We do NOT recommend prefelt as a background/canvas for wool "paintings" or 2-D artwork because it tends to stretch and pucker. For projects like that, fully felted wool or 100% woven wool fabric would probably be a better choice. 

Crayons are pictured in the photo as a color reference - they are not included in the purchase price. (We're guessing you've probably got some of your own anyway...)