About Our Wool


A Few Words About Our Wool...

We carry LOTS of different wools here at Purple Moose Felting! Here’s some information to help you compare our most popular types: 

Our natural core fiber batting is a medium/medium fine white/off-white domestic scoured wool which is great for felting. It is perfect for use as core fiber in needle felted projects or for wet felting the ever-popular dryer balls.

Our corriedale wool is 27-30 microns. It has a defined "crimp" and so it tends to look a little fuzzier than merino. Because of the crimp, corriedale is wonderful for needle felting. The texture makes it easier for the needle to grab, and the crimp helps to hide hole marks made by the needle. The longer fibers (compared to batting) also help the wool to better lock in place - enabling you to create a tight, firm, density when you're felting.

Our "Maori" batting is processed by DHG in Italy and is a blend of coopworth and corriedale wools created for both needle felting and wet felting. This wool is prepared carded and some small bits of vegetable matter may be present.  Because these fibers are short and already mixed up and going in different directions, this wool felts up quickly and tends to yield a nice, smooth surface without a lot of directional fiber lines showing up in your finished work. This batting is great for beginners!

Our merino wool is 21.5 microns. It is VERY fine, soft, and smooth, and it has a bit of gloss when felted. Merino can be used for wet felting, nuno felting, and needle felting, although some people find it a bit difficult to needle felt with  because the fibers are quite smooth and a bit "slippery". (You may find that it takes a bit more poking to get it to tighten up, and it also might leave more noticeable needle hole marks behind.) With that said, it is some of the most gorgeous and luxurious wool we carry, and so we highly recommend you give it a try.  

Our natural white organic polwarth roving is sourced from the Faulkland Islands and is "100% Certified Organic". It's super soft and fluffy and measures 22 microns. This fiber takes dye wonderfully - but it is also stunning as it is.  Ooo-la-la!

Our romney wool roving measures around 30 microns. It is quite coarse and has lots of crimp.  It can be used for both needle felting and wet felting.   

Our textured batting is mostly merino with a bit of mohair. It is nubby, chunky, and full of character and is great for needle felting and/or wet felting. Most of the colors are mottled and very rustic. (This wool is less processed than some of our other fibers and so bits of vegetable matter will most likely be present. Don't worry though - it's worth it!) 

Please keep in mind that wool from other suppliers may be quite different from the wool that we carry. Fibers vary greatly based on the breed of sheep, where they are raised, what part of the wool is used, how it is processed, etc. - and so you will find LOTS of variations.

The information above applies to the wool that we sell here at Purple Moose Felting, but it may not hold true for other fibers, sold by other folks, even if the names and descriptions sound similar.