Purple Moose Felting is Going Out of Business

It is with profound appreciation and gratitude that I announce my plans to close Purple Moose Felting during the fall of 2021.  While so many other businesses have been struggling during these uncertain times, Purple Moose Felting has been growing by leaps and bounds – so much so that I am no longer able to maintain a sense of balance between work and home life. (I enjoy this business so much that I am literally obsessed with it!)  And for that reason, I have made the very difficult decision to step away.

Words cannot express how thankful I am to my suppliers, my family, and my friends, but most of all to YOU, my customers, for making my fuzzy fiber dreams come true. Seeing the tangible results of your hard work and creativity has put more smiles on my face than you could ever imagine.  Newbies and experts alike – you have warmed my heart beyond measure, and you have truly inspired me. 

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you.  I look forward to interacting and “hanging out” with you more in the coming months as I bring this incredible experience to a close.

Knowing that there may be questions, I have written up the following Q&A's that you might find helpful. If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to reach out to me privately.


With much love,




Got questions?  Hopefully we have anticipated them (and answered them for you) here!  If not, please feel free to reach out to us directly!


Q: Why are you closing?

A:  Purple Moose Felting has always been (and continues to be) an absolute labor of love, but in the past year or so, it has grown beyond my abilities to manage it on my own.  Rather than hire employees or try to continue at this pace, I have decided to step away in an effort to find more balance in my life.


Q:  When will you officially be going out of business?

A:  We plan wrap up selling in the fall of 2021 and will be dissolving the corporation by the end of the year. 


Q:  Can I continue to place orders?

A:  Yes!  We will continue selling until most/all of our inventory is gone.  Our liquidation sale starts 8/1/21 with 10% off store-wide and with increasing discounts in the weeks to follow. 


Q:  Will you be restocking popular items?

A:  No.  We have completely stopped restocking inventory. You may occasionally see new listings for bundles or combinations of items we already stock, and there may be some new finished felted creations posted for sale, but we will not be ordering more fiber or more felting supplies.


Q:  Do you still accept returns? 

A:  No. Because we are going out of business, all sales are now final. Orders placed on/after 2:00 p.m. EST on March 13th 2021 are non-returnable and non-refundable.


Q:  Are your current inventory numbers accurate? Is your entire inventory already listed online, or do you have more? 

A:  Current numbers are only approximations of what we have in stock. We will be updating inventory in the coming weeks to more accurately represent what we have available. Please note:  Our current inventory is distributed across our TWO selling platforms (www.purplemoosefelting.com and www.purplemoosefelting.etsy.com ).  We keep track of inventory manually and we are constantly shuffling numbers back and forth between these two websites to try and ensure that products continue to appear available on both platforms until they are sold out.  If you are interested in purchasing more of a particular product than what you see listed, please message us.  We may have more, and we can easily move inventory from one website to the other to make your shopping experience more convenient.

Q:  Are certain items expected to sell out quickly?

A:  Yes.  Based on sales history data and our current levels of inventory, we expect to quickly sell out of color coded felting needles, foam pads, core fiber, wooden needle holders, and most shades of merino roving. Our most popular shades of maori batting and corriedale roving will most likely go quickly as well.  We will try to post occasional inventory updates on our facebook page, but most items will sell out without notice.


Q: Are you having a “Going Out of Business” sale?

A: Yes! Beginning 8/1/21, watch for store-wide clearance starting with 10% off and increasing incrementally into the fall, while inventory lasts. 


Q:  Is Purple Moose Felting for sale?

A:  No. We are not selling our business name, etsy shop, website, domain name, url, or any customer data. Certain bits of intellectual property (listing descriptions and digital photographs, the rights to our felting kits, etc) have been purchased by another fiber arts business. (More info to come in the future!) 


Q:  Since you will be going out of business soon, can you tell me who your suppliers are?

A:  No – we are not sharing supplier information with the general public at this time.


Q:  Will you (Caryn) continue to make/sell finished felted creations after the business is closed?

A:  Maybe!!  My love of art will undoubtedly not end with the closing of this business.  After the corporation has been dissolved at the end of the year, I hope to take some time off to feed my “inner creative soul” by exploring all sorts of art forms (fiber, textile, paint, clay, and even digital art!) I might continue to sell finished artwork under the PMF name (or under a completely new name…)  or I may take a step back from selling entirely and create art simply for my own personal enjoyment.  Honestly, I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to figure it all out!