4mm Wool Blend Felt - 8" x 10" Color: Mole

4mm Wool Blend Felt - 8" x 10" Color: Mole

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Color:  Mole

Thermoformable wool blend felt - 4mm thick x 8" x 10"

Bergschaf wool felt Composition: 90% Bergschaf wool, 10% polyester 

Pictured from left to right:  Bark, Mole, Cave, Rock, and Natural.  (Bark, Rock, Cave and Natural are completely sold out. The only remaining color is "Mole" ) 

This felt is nice and thick and is perfect for 2-D needle felted art work. It is also great for coasters, brooches, Christmas ornaments, etc. It can be used as traditional felt (cut, sewn, glued ...) but can also be exploited for its thermoformability (it's ability to be shaped and molded using heat.)

This felt is produced using wools which come from both Austria and South America that are carefully selected to ensure constant quality over time. The dyeing is done by DHG in Italy and is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Larger dimensions may be available - feel free to ask! 

Please know that it is almost impossible to represent colors with 100% accuracy over the internet.  Variations  due to lighting, cameras, monitors, and individual perception mean that colors may look different when you see them in person as compared to photos on our website.