Mesa Marble Textured Batting - 1 ounce

Mesa Marble Textured Batting - 1 ounce

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100% wool - predominantly merino carded with a bit of mohair - 1 ounce

This beautiful batting is earthy and rustic - less refined than our Maori wool batting, but also less "commercial" looking. (In other words - it has TONS of character!) It is lush with color and mottled with little "nubbies" of awesomeness! 

NOTE: This wool is MINIMALLY PROCESSED and might (okay - probably will...) come to you with a fair amount of "treats and treasures" hidden in the fiber. (That's just a fun way of saying "hay", "straw", "grass", or what we in the business refer to as "vegetable matter".) These little particles in no way affect the quality of the wool, but if they rub you the wrong way, or if you feel they will affect the overall appearance of your project, you can easily pick them out - it only takes a minute or two.

This wool is great for needle felting, wet felting, and spinning.  We especially love it for needle felting because the batting form makes it such that it works up quickly - saving lots of precious poking time! 


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