OOAK NEEDLE FELTED Doll / Little Goth-Girl "Raven" / One of a kind needle felted wool art doll by Caryn Burwood of Purple Moose Felting

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Introducing Raven - a very special, one-of-a-kind needle felted doll created by fiber artist, Caryn Burwood, of Purple Moose Felting. Raven is a "goth-style" jester handcrafted completely from wool. She stands just over 12 inches tall from the bottom of her chunky black boots to the tippy top of her pointy black jester hat. Unlike most goth characters - Raven is oozing with sweetness. She tries to be cool and tough, but her kind-hearted adorable nature comes shining through! (And she's even MORE lovable in person!) For anyone not familiar with needle felting - it is a process where little bits of wool are layered and sculpted into shapes using a thin, barbed needle. There is no sewing, gluing, or stuffing - it's all done by hand via hundreds of thousands of pokes with that little barbed needle. Just as a point of reference, this doll took over 40 hours to create. I watched as her personality took shape, and I saw her slowly transform into the slightly dark (and yet ever-sweet) little girl that she is today. Please only consider purchasing her if you can offer her a loving home where she will be spoiled and adored! When you see her in person, you will understand - she is positively magnetic! Note: Please keep in mind that Little Raven is an original one-of-a-kind art doll - she is not a "toy". Should you choose to play with her (who could resist???) please play gently! Also note... She is not a free-standing doll. With cirque-du-soleil balancing skills you MIGHT be able to get her to stand without support for a few seconds, but she is typically most comfortable when she can lightly lean up against something. Please review our shop policies before purchasing, and be sure and check out all the other fun and fuzzy items we have available at http://www.purplemoosefelting.etsy.com. If you have any questions at all, pleae don't hesitate to ask!! Enjoy!